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ADP Retirement Services Wins Eddy Award for Employee Education

ADP Retirement Services was recently honored by Pensions & Investments, a leading investment publication, with an Eddy Award. 

The Eddy Awards are an annual recognition that acknowledges best practices across seven categories by companies that offer defined contribution plans providing investment education to participants. The seven categories are: Automatic Re-enrollment; Conversions; Ongoing Investment Education; Plan Transitions; Retirement Health Care Savings; Retirement Preparation; and Special Projects.

ADP Retirement Services, as a joint entry with Kingspan Insulated Panels, North America, was recognized with a first place award in the Ongoing Investment Education category.

ADP Retirement Services worked with Kingspan Insulated Panels to develop a communication strategy that focused on educating their plan participants and eligible employees about the benefits of saving for their future retirement. The final program consisted of in-person education programs, email communications and digital media, and print marketing materials.

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